Signature Handmade Leather Belts for Men

June 14, 2016

Signature Handmade Leather Belts for Men

It’s far too common these days to see guys walking down the street or riding the subway without a belt. The belt used to be one of those essentials that every man took as part of his daily wardrobe but, more and more, Millennials don’t even think about this important center line of an outfit.  For guys who have a mind for style, there are few accessories as important to pulling off any look as a quality leather belt.

The 3 Basic Belt Rules for the Millennial

For readers who aren’t as familiar with the workings of style and fashion, we talked to some menswear gurus and put together a list of simple rules for making the most out of that key piece that holds your pants up and brings an outfit together.

  1. If the pants have belt loops, wear a belt.
    It’s true that certain three-piece suits don’t require a belt at all-- and wearing one would be an awkward mistake. Otherwise, for your typical slacks, jeans, or even shorts, the loops are sewn on there for a reason.  The pants look incomplete and empty without a belt.  

  2. The Belt should Match the Shoes
    We won’t go all out and start making high fashion recommendations but suffice it to say that the belt and the shoes should always match in color, regardless of what else you’re wearing. For the typical brown leather shoe or boot, check out Willy+Wade’s beautiful handmade leather belts.  They come in rich shades of Earth tones and compliment quality footwear in ways that the black belt off the shelf at the department store just can’t.

  3. Go Traditional; Not kitchey
    There are a slew of goofy belts available on the market, everything from neon-colored cords to rhinestone-studded costume pieces. Saying that these are a good idea to steer clear of is a no-brainer. When it comes to classy style, always go with a nice traditional handmade leather belt in shades of rich, organic browns.

You’ll look cleaner, and more put-together with a high quality belt to accentuate your clothing style. Even if you like to rough it with some good old fashioned jeans and flannel, slap a belt around yourself or risk looking like something’s just missing.

Browse our line of handmade leather belts and send us a picture of how you apply it to your favorite outfit and we’ll feature you on our social media channels.