Catch the Willy + Wade Truck at the Moonlight Market

June 02, 2016

Catch the Willy + Wade Truck at the Moonlight Market

Summer is here and we’re so excited to get outside and enjoy some nice weather!  What better way to kick off the season than an outdoor market in downtown Columbus?

In addition to running the majority of our business through our online store and placing product in a few retail stores across Ohio like Simply Vague in Polaris, Willy+Wade has a retail store on wheels!  

Meet the Willy+Wade Retail Truck, new and refurbished for 2016!

Yeah, she’s a beauty, right?  (Okay, we’re biased.)  It’s a 1979 Chevy T27 that was completely restored in 2014 to be the official rolling shop of Willy+Wade. We outfitted it with wood walls and shelving inside in order to display ALL of our products when we open shop at the market.  This spring she got a paint job and a few minor upgrades to the interior.


Since the warm air and sunshine are finally here, we’re excited to be making some upgrades to the truck and heading downtown to the Moonlight Market for our first sidewalk sale of the year.  

In case you’re new to Columbus, The Moonlight Market is a monthly outdoor market held on Gay Street every second Saturday from April to October.  Thousands of visitors line the streets at each market to sample the best of local Columbus artisans and restaurants.  The local brick-and-mortar stores on Gay Street stay open late into the evening and more than 100 sidewalk shops set up along the road.

It’s really a fantastic event that brings out some of the best Columbus has to offer, including us! You should come down this Saturday for the first market of the year.  Look for our truck and take a gander at some of our latest creations.

See you at the market!