What is Horween Leather?

March 22, 2016

What is Horween Leather?

You’ve likely noticed that many of our best products, like the wallets and bracelets, are made with authentic Horween leather. It’s a source of pride for us that we use only the best leather for our products and therefore go to one of the oldest leather manufacturers in the country. So what is Horween leather?

Not what, but who.


Horween leather is some of the softest, highest quality leather in the world but its name doesn’t come from a style, but rather a company. A family, in fact. Horween Leather is the longest running tannery in America and one of the very last to execute the entire production process in-house. They’re located in Chicago where the Horween family has owned and operated the business for four generations with over 100 years of business.

Their commitment has always been to make the world’s best leather and, for our money, they’re still the best. All of their leather is made by hand, just as it was generations ago. They’re the official supplier of game balls to the NBA and NFL and provide the only American cordovan leather used in making high end luxury shoes.

Willy+Wade proudly uses 100% Horween leather in the majority of our products because it just feels better on the skin. The dyes and the softness are unmatched (just like our leather products!) so it’s easy to stand by our finished work.

Take a look through our handmade leather accessories and let us know what you think of the Horween leather!